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Current Newsletter

  Volume 48   Issue 5/6                                                   May/June 2024  
Meeting, Trap & Open Range
Sunday, May 12 / Sunday, June 9
We will start at 1 pm with a pot luck lunch.
Immediately following the meeting, weather permitting, at approximately 2 p.m.
we have the open range available to anyone, members and non-members wanting to shoot handguns or rifles.
The cost is $1.00 for members and $5.00 for non-members.  
Trap shooting is also available and the prices for trap are $5 per round of 25 or $10.00 for members and $12.00 for non-members to shoot the entire day.
Eye and ear protection is required.
We will have a swap table at every meeting, so bring any shooting related items you would like to sell.

Ladies Day - June 30    
Our 24th Annual Ladies Day will be held on Sunday, June 30, starting with lunch at 1 p.m.
After lunch we will have the range open for trap, rifle, pistol and muzzleloading for the ladies only.  
We will have qualified instructors at each event.   
Best of all the cost is FREE.  Invite your family, friends and neighbors.
This event will be limited to 50 ladies and Pre-registration is required by June 25!
Please share the flyer with your friends
Ladies Day Bucket Raffle
This year we will have a “bucket” raffle at our ladies day event.
Tickets will be $1 each, 6 for $5 or 20 for $10.
You will be able to put your tickets in whichever “bucket” is designated for the prize you want to win.
This will help defray some of our expenses.
Ladies Day Bucket Raffle items.
If you have something that you would like to donate, please bring it to ladies day or contact 859-240-9057.  
Ladies Day Helpers are needed.
If you can help out at the trap or rifle and pistol range, please contact Penny as soon as possible.
You do not have to be a certified instructor to help out.   

Open Range
Cost is $1 per member and $5 for non-members.  Eye and Ear protection is required.  
Saturday Open Range
May 4 &  June 1
10 am – 2 pm
Weather permitting—over 40 degrees and not raining

Sunday Open Range
May 5 & June 2,   1 pm-5 pm
Weather permitting—over 40 degrees and not raining
May 12 & June 9    2-5 pm

Monday Open Range
Every Monday  4 pm – 8pm

Tuesday Open Range
Every Tuesday, 12-4
Weather permitting
(over 45 degrees and not raining.)

Wednesday Open Range
May 8 & 22,   June 12 & 26    11 am- 4 pm

Thursday Open Range
May 2 & 16,   June 6 & 20
4 pm – 8 pm
Watch your email for updates in case of cancellation or changes.

Target Repair Committee
Thanks to Bob Gray, Jim Cleveland and John Thoman we now have permanent metal targets available for anyone to use at all distances.
The 300 m targets can be shot with most calibers.
The closer targets have some limitations. Please check with the RSO before shooting them.
Also, if you notice any of these targets in need of repair please text  513-659-4002.          

Sundays, May 12 & June 9   2-5 pm (immediately following meeting)
Every Thursday,  6-9 pm
Weather permitting - Over 45 degrees and not raining
Contact: &     

Five Stand  
May 5 & 19   June 2 & 16     12-4 pm
Weather permitting—over 45 degrees and not raining

Practical Rifle
May 19, Noon-5pm

3 Position Rifle
Monday, May 27, 9 am-noon

Practical Pistol  
May 25 & June 22   9 am - noon

SCSA 2     
May 18  & June 15  9 am-2 pm

SCSA 3---NEW!!
Monday, June 3  10am- 3pm

Practical Pistol Practice
May 10 & June 14 —6 pm til dark
Practical Pistol Practice 2
May 8th & June 12 — 6pm til dark

Sundays: May 26 & June 23  12-5 pm
Saturday, May 11  noon-5 pm
Saturday, June  8   noon-5 pm  
Silhouette Practice days:  
May 10 & June 7   11-2
May 25 & June 22  2pm-5pm
Weather permitting

Registration information for all courses can be found on our website:

NRA First Steps Shotgun Class  
May 26th 12:00pm-5:00pm
This short NRA approved course is designed for the beginner or anyone who would like
to know more about how their shotgun operates, or how to improve their shooting skills.
Bring your own shotgun or use one of ours.
FREE for anyone.

Old Geezers Trap Shoot
We are now part of the Old Geezers Monthly Trap Shoot—young geezers and geezerettes are welcome, too
2nd Wednesday every month / 11:00am - 2:00pm
$4 per round and lunch is free
May 8th - Moonlite Hunting & Fishing
June 12th -  NKSSA
Full schedule available on our website

NRA Memberships
Visit our website to Join or Renew your NRA membership.
You will get a reduced rate, a free hat and the club will get $5 back from each new membership or renewal.
Support 2 great causes at the same time.  
2—open range 4-8
2—trap 6-9
4—open range 10-2
5—open range 1-5
5—5 stand 12-4
6—open range 4-8
7—open range 12-4
8—open range 11-4
8—Practical pistol pract 6-9
9—trap 6-9
10—silhouette pract. 11-2
11—silhouette 12-5
12—meeting 1 pm
12—open range 2-5
12—trap 2-5
13—open range 4-8
14—open range 12-4
16—open range 4-8
16—trap 6-9
18—SCSA 2 9-2
18—Hunter ed range 3-6
19—5 stand 12-4
19—precision rf rifle 12-5
20—open range 4-8
21—open range 12-4
22—open range 11-4
22—pract. Pistol pract 6-9 H
23—trap 6-9
25—SCSA 9-12
25—silhouette practice 2-5
26—silhouette match 12-5
26—NRA shotgun class 12-5
27—3 position rifle 9-12
27—open range 4-8
28—open range 12-4
30—trap 6-9
1—open range 10-2
2—open range 1-5
2—five stand 12-4
3—open range 4-8
4—open range12-4
6—open range 4-8
6—trap 6-9 pm
7—silhouette pract 11-2
8—silhouette match 12-5
9—Meeting 1 pm
9—open range 2-5
9—trap 2-5
10—open range 4-8
11—open range 12-4
12—OG Trap 11-2
12—open range 11-4
12—pract pistol pract 6-9
13—trap 6-9
15—SCSA 2 9-2
15—Hunter ed range day 3-6
16—5 stand 12-4
17—open range 4-8
18—open range 12-4
20—open ragne 4-8
20—trap 6-9
22—SCSA 9-noon
22—silhouette practice 2-5
23—silhouette match 12-5
24—open range 4-8
25—open range 12-4
26—open range 11-4
26—pract pistol pract 6-9
27—trap 6-9
30—Ladies Day 1-5
All events are weather permitting:
Open range Sundays: over 40 degrees and not raining.
Open range weekdays:  over 45 degrees and not raining.
Trap: over 45 degrees and not raining.
5 stand: over 45 degrees and not raining.
Practical Rifle:  over 32 degrees and not raining.

Free for members.
If you have items to sell, looking for a specific item to buy or have a business,
contact or call or text 859-240-9057 if you would like to put an ad in the newsletter.

Bobcat work & Light Hauling
(859)  444-9206

Parker HVAC
JJ Parker

Senator John Schickel
11th District
502-564-8100 Ext 57948
Capitol Annex Room 209
702 Capitol Ave
Frankfort, KY  40601

Continuous Improvement Coaching and Consulting
Fred Miller - CI Foundations LLC
859-638 -6415

New firearms for sale, and transfer services for club members.
John Dunkman   USPK, LLC

For Sale
Zastava AK47  Model zPAPM40-ZR7762XR
Rifle/EOtech Optics/Optics Rail/Sling/Tactical Light/Carry Case/Binary trigger—will sell all together or pieced out.
Asking $2800.
Call James:  513-633-1194

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